Why do we take ad fraud so seriously?

Our top priority is your success. At the end of the day, we know that meaningful actions taken by real people in the real world are what’s important – much more than impressions and clicks. The decisions and recommendations we make are motivated by our dedication to progressive causes and our commitment to you. We want your ads to succeed because we want your cause to succeed.That’s why we take ad fraud very seriously and very personally.

With digital advertising, there is a wealth of data at our disposal that can help ensure your ads meet your goals. We aim to deliver the most genuine and high quality impressions we can with every dollar you give us.

Here’s what we are doing to fight ad fraud and protect your brand:

We have powerful allies.

The tactics used to combat ad fraud are increasingly sophisticated. Our advertising team works closely with partners like DoubleVerify and Integral Ad Science, among others, to block known fraudulent traffic and track the viewability of ad placements. These partners are the first line of defense. They stop your ads from ever even bidding on known fraudulent traffic and they help us monitor and restrict low quality inventory throughout a campaign.

We use humans, not bots.

Automation doesn’t work 100% of the time. Even when we work with our brand safety partners, ads may run on websites or in apps that are fraudulent or just bad for your message. That’s why we don’t just rely on our partners. We double check their work. While many agencies operate with the “set it up and forget about it” mentality, poor ad placements can often be prevented by simply having well trained professionals pay attention to your placements.

Our advertising team not only checks on all our campaigns multiple times a day but continually and carefully updates our safeguards to make sure our clients’ dollars are spent on the right people and the right places. We pull regular reports in order to identify where ads are running and to check for irregularities that we commonly see with fraudulent placements online. Once identified, suspicious and low quality websites are then blocked from all current and future campaigns.

Many agencies neglect where your ads are being placed in order to inflate metrics and drive up costs. Unlike other firms, Revolution Messaging doesn’t just place your ads on the cheapest inventory, we optimize towards metrics that are actually relevant to your goals and the best interests of your brand.