In order to perform a retargeting campaign, you must have a “cookie,” or a pixel placed on your website. Ask your Revolution Messaging account rep (or email about adding a cookie to your website – we recommend placing it before </head> on every page of your website.

Once the pixel is in place, users who visit your website will be added to a retargeting audience so we can follow them across the Internet.

Here’s an example: When you visit and search for a specific product, the website fires a pixel and cookies the fact that you visited a certain product. Once you leave, they can serve you ads related to the specific product or similar products anywhere you are on the web.

This technology will give you an opportunity to retarget your web visitors, breaking them down into different groups, such as who donated, who visited your donation page but didn’t donate and who signed specific petitions and took actions, and then serve them ads no matter where they’re browsing on the Internet.