Facebook – The low cost of advertising, coupled with the ability to easily micro-target, makes Facebook one of the most inexpensive ways to reach your audience. We typically are able to achieve the lowest CPA (cost per acquisition) with Facebook and we can easily target people residing in any target location, including congressional districts, zipcodes, cities, etc. We can target by age, gender, interests, and more. This is a cheap and easy way to build a Facebook following by sending people to your Facebook page.

Facebook ads

Twitter – Twitter is another effective way of reaching your audience through their social networks and it gives you the ability to make a splash around a specific issue. You can engage in a variety of Twitter tactics, such as promoting a tweet to followers or look-alike followers (i.e. you can target an audience that is similar to your followers or followers of other specific handles). You can also own a hashtag for a day, which is very effective during big events, such as debates or as particular issues around a campaign come to a head. By owning the hashtag, you are able to drive the conversation for everyone using the hashtag and also build your brand and your list. This is also a great way to garner earned media and make a large splash.