At Revolution Messaging we specialize in mainly digital design, with a sprinkling of print. These two mediums differ significantly in preferred file type and resolution. We work with Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator files for web and print. The following categories outline basic design guidelines.

Digital design mediums include web, Facebook graphics and banner ads. These three items require a resolution of at 72 PPI and a color mode of RGB. After the design has been completed, each item will be saved for web and devices, thus minimizing file size and converting to sRGB. Components for digital design work should be submitted in PNG, GIF, JPEG, PDF, EPS, PSD or AI.

Social media graphics:
Facebook (should contain less than 20% text, using this tool)



Banner advertising falls under this category and has several special requirements. There are eight standard sizes of banners. Each may be saved as a PNG-8, PNG-24, JPEG or GIF. The GIF file format allows for animated banners. Each banner’s file size has to be under 40kb. If over 40kb, you will have to reduce the colors or quality of the image.

Standard banners:


In addition, most banners should contain disclaimers if they are deemed political advertising. Banners that need disclaimers are: 300×600, 728×90, 300×250, 160×600. Banners that don’t: 1200×628, 320×50.

Print sizing varies based on the print medium, but resolution requirements remain the same. All assets must have a minimum resolution of 300 PPI. When submitting a request for a print item, please provide all print specifications for the item from the buyer. This includes color mode, file type, bleed and size.

The color mode generally differs between RGB for laser printers at places such as Kinkos, and CMYK for items printed at a printing company. Pantone colors might also be required for certain items. For file type, most smaller items will be submitted as PDFs, while larger items (such as a billboard) will be submitted as a scalable EPS or AI file. Bleed is the area around the design that allows for slight miscalculations from the printer – this ensures that the design extends fully to the edge of the item every time. Size will vary as determined by the media company. Please provide any necessary “paid for” disclaimers.