Q. What qualifies a high volume call?

A. Any call flow that is expected to process more than phone call per second. If you are expecting a call flow to handle more than 1 phone call either by a click to call form, or inbound phone call that qualifies as a high volume phone call. Before setting up a high volume call flow read more about preparing for a high volume phone call.

Q. What do I do in preparation for a high volume phone call?

A. Depending on what your criteria is for a the call, engineers might need to increase server or database capacity to handle the call load. Before setting up the call flow you should be able to answer the following questions:

  1. How many phone calls are you expecting to participate in this call flow?
  2. In what manner are you expecting people to participate? For example: Click to call forms, inbound calls, scheduled calls, or all three.
  3. What is the end goal of this call flow? For example: acquisition, awareness, etc.

Once you can answer all three of the above, then send an email and file a support ticket to both Walker and Josh at least one business day in advance. For example, if your call is kicking off at 10 AM Eastern, the email must be sent Friday before 5:00 PM Eastern. This email should address the criteria above and provide any additional details that may be relevant to the call flow.