Revere Calling is our system for creating and operating Interactive Voice Response. While it’s most commonly used with our legislative calling campaigns and, the system allows for much more complex and flexible calling campaigns.


Revere Calling works by linking a hotline number assigned to your account with a call flow, which dictates the steps each call will take. A call flow will work whether the call is inbound (when a caller dials the number from their own phone) or outbound (either because of a click-to-call form or a call broadcast). Through the admin control panel, you can create and edit flows, provision new hotline numbers, move hotlines from one flow to another and more, allowing you to control of your calling campaign.

A Note on Phone Numbers

Revere Calling numbers use +11 notation, which means every phone number is ten digits (1 + area code + phone number), preceded by a plus sign. Example: +12022999393. Any time you are entering a number into a Revere Calling field, please use this notation.


  • Hotline number: this is a number provisioned for your account in the Calling platform.
  • Call flow: a set of programmed steps a caller goes through once a call is connected.
  • Client: an organization that uses the Calling service.
  • User: a person who has credentials to view everything in the calling platform that falls under a given client’s permissions.
  • Report: an export of call data for a flow or a hotline number.
  • Capsule: a single element of a call flow.

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