Adding or Editing Call Flow Metadata

When creating and editing flows you can set default metadata to be persisted down to all calls made to that flow. Think of this as a way to attach default information about a call flow that you normally can’t collect very easily without changing forms, or without asking for user input over the phone. A good example of default metadata to use with call flows are things like tracking the source, third party vendor information, or simply a label that you’d like to be attached to phone callers that call in, or receive phone calls from phone numbers associated to the flow.

Adding metadata to a call flow is pretty straightforward. First navigate to the new flow or edit flow page. The add or edit flow page looks like the screenshot below:

Notice the page has an Add Metadata Field button in blue below a description of the Default Metadata title. To add metadata to the call flow click the Add Metadata Field button and then two new input fields show. This is where you label the metadata and give it a value. For example purposes the label for the metadata will be “calls_random_legislator” with a value set to “true”.

To add more metadata fields click the Add Metadata Field button again and another set of inputs will display. To remove a set of metadata fields, click the remove button within the set of inputs. Editing metadata can be done by updating the input values and clicking “Save Flow”. Once the flow is updated the metadata for future calls will reflect what’s been entered.

Retrieving Call Flow Metadata

Metadata information may be retrieved via the Revere Calling API. All active client accounts have access to their data using the API. For more information on how to use the Revere Calling API visit the docs. A copy of the report may also be obtained by emailing and requesting the report. Please include the flow name in the request.