Adding or Editing Call Flow Metadata

Metadata can be attached to all calls made to a calling flow. This is a way to attach default information to a call flow that is not easily obtained or can be obtained without asking the caller for additional input. Use cases include tracking the source of the call (like a form), attachment of third party vendor information, or any kind of label that would be helpful in attaching an action to a caller.

Metadata can be added to any calling flow by going to Revere Calling > Flows > Edit Flows by clicking on the pencil icon to the right side of the flow name. The add or edit flow page looks like the screenshot below:

Click the ‘Add Metadata Field’ button and then two new input fields show. Enter the desired metadata descriptor and value. In the example below, the label for the metadata will be “calls_random_legislator” with a value set to “true”.

To add more metadata fields click the Add Metadata Field button again and another set of inputs will display. To remove a set of metadata fields, click the remove button within the set of inputs. Editing metadata can be done by updating the input values and clicking “Save Flow”. Once the flow is updated the metadata for future calls will reflect what’s been entered.

Retrieving Call Flow Metadata

Metadata information may be retrieved via the Revere Calling API. All active client accounts have access to their data using the API. For more information on how to use the Revere Calling API visit the docs. A copy of the report may also be obtained by emailing and requesting the report. Please include the flow name in the request.