In this tab, numbers can be purchased for the account and assigned to calling flows. Begin by clicking ‘Add Number’: 

Numbers can be either Toll Free or Local and may also include a vanity identifier. To find a vanity number, type the desired numbers into the field called “Contains”. Local numbers can be found by searching for an Area Code, Region (state), or Postal Code (zip code).

Once a number has been selected, click the “Purchase” button to purchase the number. Numbers are $10 per month for the duration assigned to a user account. To discontinue a line, please contact a Strategy Representative.

Connecting Numbers to a Flow

To connect a number to a calling flow, click the Pencil Icon to edit the number and assign a flow from the drop down menu. 

This will assign the number to the calling flow and can be confirmed by navigating to the flow and seeing the “Associated Phone Numbers” field populated.

To remove a number from a flow, click the pencil icon to edit the number and deselect the associated flow. The number may then be reassigned to another flow or left for future use. Re-provisioning the number will not affect reporting.