Flows are the core of Revere Calling; these are the programmed steps that every caller goes through. Each step in a Flow is called a Capsule; every Capsule carries out one piece of the action. Parts are outlined below:



Flow Name: Each Flow requires a name. As a best practice, Flow name should be descriptive of the action or event. If the Flow is time-sensitive, it is recommended to include the date. (e.g. ‘Congress Budget Call 8.24.18’)

Associated Phone Numbers: All the hotline numbers currently assigned to this flow. See the section on hotline numbers for more information.

Dial As: Number that will display on caller ID when this Flow is used in an outbound call. This can be set to any number provisioned within the account; the Flow will “spoof” the number into Caller ID.


Flows are built out of Capsules; each step that the caller goes through is its own Capsule, which can do anything from reading synthesized text to forwarding the caller to their state or federal legislator. Capsules may be added to a flow by clicking on the Capsule’s name in the lower portion of the flow control panel. Click on a Capsule in the flow to edit or remove from the Flow.

If a Capsule is placed where it cannot be utilized by the Flow, an error message will display. Example:


Available capsules include:


This capsule reads plain text in a synthesized voice. This is most effective for reading short messages. For longer messages, the ‘Play’ Capsule is recommended. Type the text to be read and select either “Man” or “Woman” voice.




The Dial Capsule provides a method to directly dial a number and connect the caller after a Play/Say message. A prioritized list of phone numbers may be entered into this capsule; the system will try to transfer the call to the first one first, and will move down the list to a subsequent number if that call fails (if the line is busy, disconnected, out of service or rings for more than 30 seconds).


Note: Using the Dial capsule affects reporting capabilities. Reports will be able to show the number of minutes connected, but is unable to provide the number to which a caller was connected. Please consider this when selecting the Dial capsule.


The Play Capsule allows a recorded message to be uploaded to the system and played when the Caller is connected. This is the recommended best practice over the ‘Say’ Capsule for longer messages. Click on ‘Choose File’ and select the .wav file to be uploaded. The file must be in .wav format otherwise it will not work. Once the file has been uploaded, it may be played back to check for quality. See the section on recordings for more information.



This capsule opens up the flow for input from the Caller, letting them enter numbers for collection into the system. In the capsule control window, the following may be entered:

  • Number of digits: How many digits the caller is allowed to enter (or “unlimited”).
  • Timeout: The number of seconds the system will wait before moving on if the caller doesn’t enter anything.
  • Finish on Key: The key the caller should press to tell the system they are done entering numbers. As a best practice, it is recommended to finish on the # key.
  • Common Name:  The variable name given to the numbers the Caller enters. 


In general, the Gather capsule is rarely used. It is instead recommended to use ‘Prompt for Zip Code’ which works with Ledge Zeppelin. Please reach out to the Strategy Representative for more guidance if this is the desired capsule for use.


The Hangup Capsule officially terminates the call. While this typically happens naturally, it is recommended as a best practice to include this Capsule. Failure to do so could mean that the call fails to disconnect and adds minutes to the flow.


This capsule provides the caller with a menu of choices. Once added, select ‘Add Another Choice’ to add as many choices as needed.  An audio file can be uploaded and added to each choice to be played back as part of the menu, or select “Say” to have a computerized voice read a prompt.



The Menu Capsule allows for additional branching of the Calling Flow. Each Menu option gets its own branch, and additional Capsules can be specified for each branch. An example:


Send to SMS

The Send to SMS Capsule is utilized in conjunction with Revere Mobile to add callers to a Mobile list and send a text message after a calling action. This is a great tool for interacting with supporters  and allows for subsequent follow up and messaging beyond a phone call. This capsule requires additional connection to connect Revere Calling and Mobile. Please contact your Strategy Representative to enable.

Prompt for Zipcode

Like ‘Gather’, this Capsule collects zip code. This Prompt is utilized in conjunction with Ledge Zeppelin and is the recommended best practice for gathering zip code. The call flow will skip this step if the zip code was entered earlier in the process. (e.g. if the zip code was collected on a click-to-call form).

Ledge Zeppelin

Ledge Zeppelin is the capsule that matches the caller to a legislative contact, using our legislative database and attempts to forward the caller to their office. This Capsule is the one of the most powerful parts of Revere Calling, as it allows callers to connect with a variety of Federal and State legislators. Options include:

  • Match Type:
    • Match by zip code:  Match Caller to their legislator based on zip code entry. Zip code should be collected via Prompt for Zip Code capsule or form entry.
    • Randomly match to group member: Select this option to randomly match the caller to a legislator found within the Caller’s zip code. Zip code should be collected via Prompt for Zip Code capsule or form entry. If no zip code is provided or if there are no legislators found in that zip code, the Caller will be connected to the Fallback Number entered.
  • Legislator Filters
    • Exclude legislators:  Select this option to not include these records when the callers zip code is looked up. For example, if zip code 78704 normally returns 10 records, legislators can be removed as targets via this filter.
    • Select legislators to target:  Select this option to target records in the callers zip code. For example: If zip code 78704 normally returns 10 records, specific legislators can be included.
  • Legislator Group: Select the legislative arm to which Callers should be directed. “Senate” and “House” refer to the upper and lower state-level legislators, while “US Senate” and “US House” refer to Federal level legislators. Governor and Attorney General are available for all states.
  • Target Legislator by Party: When needed, selecting this option allows for the selection of Legislator by their party.
    • Order by Priority: Calls will go to offices in the order they appear on the legislator’s Ledge Zeppelin profile.
    • Order by Type: Provides the option of prioritizing a legislator’s Capitol or district numbers over one another. Use this to toggle so that calls can follow the legislator depending on whether the chamber is in session or not.
  • Fallback Number: This is the phone number the capsule will forward the caller to if no matches are found for any reason. Typically, the legislative switchboard number is entered as a fallback, though other options include a bill’s author, chamber leadership, or the Governor’s office.
  • Fallback Number Dial Type:
    • Huntgroup:  The platform will dial all the numbers at the same time. When one of the numbers picks up the caller is transferred to that call immediately.
    • Random: The platform will pick a number at random a number to call out of all the numbers and call only that number. If no answer, the User will be directed to the fallback number.



Send to URL

This is for advanced developers interested in using Webhooks to send data from Revere Calling to other platforms. Developers interested in building extensions for Revere Calling should contact vip@revolutionmessaging.com for more details. 


This is for advanced developers interested in building custom capsule experiences that are not currently offered. This capsule uses an XML like markup language that can utilize Revere Calling information and present that information to phone callers in a custom way. Developers interested in building extensions for Revere Calling should contact vip@revolutionmessaging.com for more details.