Enagaging Networks / Amplify Peer-to-Peer styling

There are a few small steps necessary to style EN/Amplify Peer-to-Peer sites. You can edit and create Peer-to-Peer sites here: https://www.e-activist.com/amplify/auth/sites.jsp Whether you are adding a new site or editing a current site, you will be presented with this  dashboard. Click on Setup, and then Site Design. Under Theme, select Default Theme. Under Site Header, […]

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Email Template (Engaging Networks)

The e-mail templates we’ve created are updated versions of your previous email templates with some additional consideration for device and email client support. Various versions of Outlook are notorious for having antiquated support for HTML5 and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). To allow for smooth responsive behavior and proper rendering of layout and fonts in old […]

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Site Image Dimensions

Download PDF version SINGLE POSTS Applies to Blog Posts and Press Releases FEATURED IMAGE 1800 x 1080px MINIMUM 900x540px Create and upload photos with these dimensions. The CMS will automatically generate additional sizes, illustrated below.   HOME PAGE, HIGHLIGHTED POST 550 x 330px   FEATURED POST 300 x 180px   ARCHIVES POST, PAGINATED 300 x […]

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Using the EPS Redirects Plugin

EPS Redirects is a plugin that allows for the creation of “short URL” redirects from within the WordPress admin panel. The plugin can be configured on the EPS redirects page located under Settings>EPS Redirects in the admin bar on the left of the dashboard. Once presented with the list of redirects, adding a new one is […]

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Wildlife Factsheet Images

Each Wildlife Fact Sheet includes two images: Top Banner: A wide photo that appears on each individual Wildlife Fact Sheet Featured Image: An illustration that appears on the main page of the Wildlife Fact Sheets, on the Wildlife Fact Sheet page within programs, and on each individual Wildlife Fact Sheet Top Banner The top banner […]

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Engaging Networks Email Templates

We have created two new e-mail templates based on the original “Personal Appeal w Midtext” and “Personal Appeal w Sidebar”. The new templates are: _RM Personal Appeal (Midtext) _RM Personal Appeal (Sidebar) The only distinguishable difference between the two templates is that “Midtext” used a single column of copy with full width images and “Sidebar” […]

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Engaging Networks Donation and Advocacy Forms

Pages: Page Builder / RM Templates Image Files: Libraries / __RM_Form_Elements There are 6 pages and each exists to facilitate 5 different page types as it appears that once a page is created, one can not change the page type. Petition Email to Target: Custom Target (an individual) Post Code Database: Single Database Post Code Database: Multi-Database […]

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Embed media with Inbed All

Our “Inbed All” plugin is a tool that allows you to embed media by use of shortcodes. The list below goes over supported media types, including Youtube, Soundcloud, Instagram and others. Vimeo


To turn on autoplay, add in the autoplay setting to the tag:


Vine […]

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Quote Shortcode

The quote shortcode is used to create a bubble quote next to a corresponding image.

The image attribute is used to and an image to the quote module. It requires the image ID, which can be found in the media gallery.

The name attribute is used to add a name to the quote. […]

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Callout Shortcode

The callout shortcode can be used within the content editor to create a highlighted section of text. Do not confuse this with creating a headline. The callout shortcode is only for visual highlighting, and does not convey additional meaning. Creating a callout section of text by adding opening and closing callout shortcodes to your block […]

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