Submitting a Ticket: Best Practices

The following are things that should be considered when filing a support ticket to or These don’t have to be in a particular order and not all of them will apply to every submission.

What were you trying to do? 

What was supposed to happen vs what actually happened? 

Are you able to replicate the issue multiple times? Is there anything specific you have to do to replicate the issue? 

 Always include as much information as possible. Examples of things that are helpful but often forgotten:

  • Associated phone numbers
  • Short codes
  • Message content
  • Delivery times
  • Mobile Flow
  • PDF report from you or a client

Have you tried anything to resolve the issue on your own already?

Is this time-sensitive and you are working under a deadline? 

Refrain from using acronyms that not everyone is familiar with (ex. client names)

Use category tags!

When replying via email do not CC vip@ or support@ emails

  • This creates a new, separate ticket with your response in addition to posting your response on the original ticket. Please be sure when you choose “Reply all” to remove those addresses.