Here you’ll learn how to create and save a custom RevMsg branded email signature. These instructions will guide you on how to save the generated signature to your RevMsg gmail account. There is also documentation in this article about using raw HTML in email clients such as Apple Mail, Thunderbird, AirMail and so on. If you’re interested in getting the raw HTML output of the signature, read the generating section and then skip to the advanced section.

Generate Your Email Signature

Visit the email signature generator tool page and fill out the following details:

  1. Email: Your RevMsg email. It needs to be the full email. For example: We do not recommend or any other alias.
  2. Name: Your full name that you wish to show up on your email signature. We recommend your full name in Title Case. Do not use lowercase or UPPERCASE only. Including your middle name is optional. For example: Josh Minnich.
  3. Title: Your title at the company. Again use Title Case for this input. Do not use lowercase or UPPERCASE only. For example: Software Engineer.
  4. Office Phone #: Default is to include your office number in the email signature but is not required.
  5. Office Number: Your office phone number including area code. The form help field below the office number field will update with a preview once you have provided a valid phone number format.
  6. Cell Phone #: Choose if you’d like to also include your cell number in the email signature.
  7. Cell Number: Your cell phone number including area code. The form help field below the cell number field will update with a preview once you have provided a valid phone number format.
  8. Pronouns: Select any pronouns you wish to have on your email signature. If your preferred pronouns are missing scroll down to the additional pronouns section to add additional pronouns to the default list. Once you have filled out the subject, object, and possessive adjective you can click the add button to add additional pronouns to the pronouns list. These additional pronouns can be used in conjunction with the existing list.

Required fields are marked with an * after the label name.

After you’ve filled out all this information, click the generate button and your profile picture will attempt to load. If your profile picture is not loading file a ticket so your profile image can be verified. In the ticket please specify which RevMsg email address you are using in the tool.

Saving Your Email Signature

This section assumes you are using gmail to set your email signature. If you’re looking for the raw HTML option move on to the Advanced section below.

Assuming you’ve generated your custom email signature using the generator tool; the standalone signature section of the page is where you can copy the signature to be used with gmail. Scroll down to the standalone signature section and copy the signature to your clipboard. You do this by clicking and dragging from the bottom part of the signature to the top. Here is gif demonstrating how to do so:

Now that you’ve copied the email signature it’s time to save it to your gmail account. Navigate to and make sure you are signed in to your RevMsg google account. On the inbox page click the gear icon above your email messages and choose settings from the dropdown.

Now that you’re on the settings page for your gmail account, scroll down to the signature section. Be sure to select the signature radio button. It’s not labeled but make sure the radio button for ‘No Signature’ is not selected. This will make sure that all new messages going out will append your signature to the bottom of the email.

Note: If you already have a signature you’ll want to select all the content in there and remove it before continuing.

In a the previous step you copied your email signature to your clipboard. Now it’s time to paste it into the settings / signature box. If you copied the email signature correctly you should have a little space at the top followed by your email signature. The space at the top is to make sure there is space between your composed message and you email signature. Here is a gif showing how the paste process works:

You’re done!

Advanced (Raw HTML)

This will show you where you can obtain the raw HTML output of your email signature. If you’re using gmail scroll back up to the ‘Saving Your Email Signature’ section.

Mail (macOS Mojave)

Please follow this guide for help with inserting your HTML signature found at the bottom of the HTML signature generator tool. Please note: You may not need the extra <br /> tags for your signature to show up correctly.

How to create and install a HTML email signature in Apple Mail on macOS Mojave 10.14