System Fields: msisdn & areacode

System fields are ones that Mobile uses internally to do its job; they are also accessible to you but are a little more technical.

msisdn is the industry term for “phone number.” You can use this field to send to just one number, or to send to a filter that was generated outside the Revere platform. One important thing to remember, though: msisdn uses the full internationalized phone number (example: 0012022999393), so make sure to add that when you are using this field or it will return no results.

areacode is exactly what it sounds like: the 3-digit area code of the subscriber’s phone number. If you don’t have a lot of zip codes or better location data on your subscribers, you can send to certain area codes only. Warning: location data based on area codes is far less reliable than data based on zip codes that the subscribers provide to you; only use this option if you are comfortable with a message going to some recipients outside of the area you’re targeting.

Account Fields

There are some fields that every Revere Mobile account has access to. Typically, these cover things like biographical information: name, email address, city, state, zip code, etc. It also includes a handful of fields that interact with external plugins or common functions (things like the “bad zip” field, “loc-processed” or “Segment”). Some account-level fields also contain IDs for subscribers who might be found in other common CRMs used by our partners (BlueState Digital, Salsa, Action Network, etc.) .Your mobile flows can tag data in these fields and you can edit them on any of your subscribers, but you won’t have the permission to make any changes to the fields themselves, because they are common to all programs on the platform.

Group Fields

Fields with the “GROUP” scope are all yours; if you’re working with a labor organization, your “local” field is entirely separate from another union’s “local” field: yours might all the 3-digit numbers while someone else’s might include text or anything else they require.

One common group-level metadata field is “tag.” This is a predefined text field which can store multiple values: think of it as a catch-all of interests or other facts you might want to track about a subscriber. You’ll start out with relatively few possible values in this field, but feel free to add to it as you go.