If you have a list of subscribers and would like us to upload it to Revere Mobile for you, please follow these guidelines to ensure a smooth, quick process.

What we need from you:

  • The exact name (spelling and case-sensitive) of the list to which the subscribers should be uploaded.
  • Your exact username
  • Your exact campaign name
  • Your shortcode (the 5 or 6-digit number at the top on the platform)

  • If you’re adding new subscribers to your list, please send a PDF of the form that people signed, or a link to the signup page so that we can verify that it meets the legal standards around SMS messaging.
  • If you have an event where people have signed up for text messaging, please send the list for upload as soon as possible after the event is finished. Waiting weeks to send a welcome message can cause people to unsubscribe from your list.
  • If the language of the welcome flow is differnt than the basic welcome with a ZIP ask, please specify what language you would like in the welcome message. It MUST at least say in the first msg name of the campaign and “text HELP for help, STOP to quit. Msg&Data Rates May Apply”
  • Please allow at least one business day for uploads to be completed. We do the uploads as they come in, and there are often several requests on a given day. If you know that you have an event coming up, please make sure to send the list as far in advance as possible.

File formatting:

For the upload process to go as smoothly and efficiently as possible, please make sure your uploads meet the following guidelines:

  • Column headers should match exactly with metadata field names (spelling and case-sensitive) in the platform. For example, if your database uses First_Name, but the metadata field in Revere Mobile is First, call the column First.
  • Phone numbers (msisdn): The first column in your file should be called msisdn and contain the phone number.
    • Every record must have a value in msisdn. If you have records without msisdn in your file, please remove them before sending for upload.
    • All phone numbers should be 10 digits and consist of numbers only (ie: 3457893759) with no dashes, parentheses, periods, or any other non-numeric characters.
  • Names should be separated into First and Last columns
  • Physical Addresses:
  • Predefined metadata fields (used for tags)
    • The values in the column must match exactly with the allowed values of the metadata field. For example, if the predefined values of a field called “HF_tag” are Activist, Donor, and Volunteer, then those are the only values that can appear in the column.
    • If there are columns that are irrelevant to Revere or should not be upload, please make sure to remove them
    • Multiple tags can be uploaded at once. Just copy the tag field name over to additional columns and add any additional tags to those columns as shown:mad_men_with_tags

If you have a new metadata field, or new metadata values, make sure to create them in Revere before submitting your file. Click here for more info on creating and updating metadata.

  • Boolean fields: Allowed values for these are “yes” and “no” (without quotes)
  • Language-specific lists: If there are lists for separate languages, please create a separate csv for each one.
  • File Format: Please save your file in .csv format as shown here.

Example Upload Request

Suppose you were with an organization called The Human Fund. An upload request from you might look like this:

And the attached file might look like this. Here’s a sample file you can view.