To add a list to the Revere Mobile platform, please follow the guidelines below and send the file to Support at Following these guidelines ensure the maximum number of eligible subscribers are added to a list.

Please supply the following information, being as specific as possible as many lists and campaigns may be named similarly:

  • The name (spelling and case-sensitive) of the list.
  • Username
  • Campaign name
  • Shortcode (the 5 or 6-digit number at the top on the platform)

  • If adding new subscribers to a list, please send a PDF of the form that people signed or a link to the signup page to provide verification that the additions meet the legal standards around SMS messaging.
  • If the additions are from a live event, please send the list for upload as soon as possible after the event is finished. Waiting weeks to send a welcome message can cause people to unsubscribe from a list.
  • If the language of the welcome flow is different than the basic welcome with a ZIP ask, please specify what language to use in the welcome message. It MUST say in the first message the name of the campaign and “text HELP for help, STOP to quit. Msg&Data Rates May Apply”
  • Please allow at least one business day for uploads to be completed. Uploads are handled as they are received. If an upload is time-sensitive, please make note of that with the request.

File formatting:

For the upload process to go as smoothly and efficiently as possible, please make sure uploads meet the following guidelines:

  • Phone numbers (MSISDN): The first column in the file should be labelled MSISDN and contain the phone number.
    • MSISDN is the only required field for an upload. Any additions missing this value should be omitted prior to submission.
    • All phone numbers should be 10 digits and consist of numbers only (ie: 3457893759) with no dashes, parentheses, periods, or any other non-numeric characters.
  • Column headers are spelling and case sensitive and should match exactly with the associated metadata fields in the system. For example, if column is named First_Name, but the metadata field in Revere Mobile is First, the column must be named First or the metadata will not be added properly.
  • Names should be separated into First and Last columns
  • Physical Addresses:
    • Street addresses should be in one column (apartment numbers included) and labeled as Address1.
    • City, State, and Zipcode should be in separate columns
    • Zipcode values must be 5 digits
  • Predefined metadata fields (used for tags)
    • The values in the column must match exactly with the allowed values of the metadata field. For example, if the predefined values of a field called “HF_tag” are Activist, Donor, and Volunteer, then those are the only values that can appear in the column.
    • If there are columns that are irrelevant to Revere or should not be upload, please make sure to remove them.
    • Multiple tags can be uploaded at once. Just copy the tag field name over to additional columns and add any additional tags to those columns as shown:mad_men_with_tags

New metadata fields and values need to be created prior to use.  Click here for more info on creating and updating metadata.

  • Boolean fields: Allowed values for these are “yes” and “no” (without quotes)
  • Language-specific lists: If there are lists for separate languages, please create a separate csv for each one.
  • File Format: Save file as .csv

Example Upload Request

Below is an example of an upload request:

Please upload the attached list as specified below:

List Name: HF Subscribers
Username: hfund
Campaign: Human Fund
Shortcode: 90975

And the attached file might look like this. Here’s a sample file.