Every upload must be documented in a support ticket, whether you complete the upload yourself or request an upload. Uploads will be completed as soon as possible but within 24 hours of receiving the properly-formatted file and required information.

  • Start your ticket by forwarding any email thread with the client to vip@revolutionmessaging.com
  • Subject line should include “#upload#” if it’s an upload request or “#upload##completed#” if you’ve completed the upload yourself.
  • Attach the properly-formatted list
  • If you’re requesting an upload, list the exact names of the following (or indicate if they need to be created)
    • Shortcode
    • List to which the records should be added
    • Staging list
    • Campaign
    • Username
    • Migration flow
    • Welcomed field – must be group-level
  • If you completed the upload, list the following:
    • Uploaded: __ (out of __ rows) to <staging list name>
    • Broadcasted: <link to screenshot of broadcast>

Example Upload Request Ticket:

Suppose you needed an upload for an organization called The Human Fund. Your ticket would look like this, with the properly-formatted list attached:

Example Completed Upload Ticket:

Naming and Configuration Conventions

  • Staging list: <group name/abbreviation><final list name> Staging
  • Migration flow: <group name/abbreviation><optional final list name> Migration


  • Welcomed field: <group name><(optional) list name> Welcomed (where the field is  a predefined group-level field, not allowed to be overwritten, and has just one possible value: yes):