The inbox is where \any incoming messages (messages sent to the platform from subscribers) that are not part of a mobile flow (keywords, collect metadata, five-digit zip codes, etc.) Click on the Inbox tab or click on the red number next to Inbox at the top of the page to get to the inbox. The red number is the number of messages in the inbox similar to an email inbox. In the example below, this user has 66 inbox messages.

Occasionally, messages in the inbox are subscribers accidentally texting a message to the shortcode that is meant for someone else, for example, “Honey, I’ll pick up the kids tonight.” Another frequent inbox message are subscribers trying to answer an broadcasted after the window allowed for response.


Other possible inbox messages are from people trying to text in a keyword but who have a text message signature, for example, the “20036~~*Dad*~~” message in the inbox above. That person is likely trying to text in a keyword but their signature “~~*Dad*~~” meant that the text message is interpreted as an inbox message and not a valid metadata response. Revolution Messaging staff can make sure that subscribers will get tagged or sent a reply accordingly.


Add to List/Remove from List: to add, click the ‘+’ icon; to remove, click the ‘ – ‘ icon.

Add Metadata: Add metadata by clicking the tag icon.

Quick Message: Reply directly to a specific subscriber in the inbox by clicking the arrow button. Messages can be sent immediately, or scheduled at a time in the future. When scheduling, the send time is based on the time zone of the computer being used.

These actions may also be performed in the subscriber profile available by clicking on the blue link with the subscriber’s phone number.

Clear from Inbox: Delete messages in the inbox by trashcan button.

Inbox Search: Click inside the Search box to search for inbox messages that contain specific text. For example, typing in Yes will bring up any messages that contain the word “yes”.

With Selected: Perform actions and make them apply to several subscribers.

1) Check the check mark box next to all the subscribers to receive the action.

2) Select which action to take and click the Apply button to perform that action.

For additional guidance on Inbox management, please contact a Strategy Representative or Support at