Under the Reporting tab, click on Generator to create reports. Click on the Report type drop down menu to select report type. Reports may be displayed on screen (Inline) or downloaded (Export). Click the blue “Generate New Report” button to create.

  • Message Details Reports
  • Message Totals Reports
  • Subscriber Growth Reports
  • Broadcast Summary Reports
  • Subscriber Conversion
  • Opt Outs
  • Poll Summary

Message Details Reports:

Messages Details is a report of all incoming messages and outgoing messages. The ‘Scope by’ section pares down report size by selecting a specific campaign, mobile flow, keyword, incoming or outgoing.

Messages Totals Reports:

Choose Message Totals Reports to generate a graph and total of the amount of incoming (MOs) and/or outgoing (MTs) messages. It will also show the message type. Opt-in is the number of welcome messages subscribers received and Opt-out is the number of opt-out confirmations subscribers received when they unsubscribed. Basic Texts are standard broadcast messages. Catch All messages are the messages sent out in reply when a subscriber texts into the inbox. Collect Metadata, Dynamic Content, and Poll all display how many messages were sent out from mobile flows containing those components. Clicking on the blue hyperlink (displayed here as ‘1/2’ with the arrow) will scroll through the key.


Subscriber Growth:

Subscriber Growth reports provide insight into list growth. It provides a graphical representation of the total number of subscribers, number of new subscribes, and the number of unsubscribes.

In the example below, the report shows an increase in Opt-Ins on Oct. 10, resulting in an overall increase in the total number of subscribers, represented by the double Y axis report:

  • Date: X axis
  • Number of Subscribers: represented by the numbers on the right Y axis and the blue line.
  • Number of Opt-In/Opt-Out: Right Y axis, represented by the green and red bars.


Broadcast Summary

The Broadcast Summary report displays details about broadcast messages, their content, and how many subscribers were recipients of the message.

Subscriber Conversion

A Subscriber Conversion report displays the amount of opt-ins started, completed, the conversion rate, and opt-outs during a given time frame for subscribers tied to a specific keyword, flow and list.

Opt Outs

The Opt Out Report is a listing of subscribers that have opt-outed out of a program within in a given timeframe. This includes the type of unsubscribe action and the date unsubscribed. It also includes the join date, list, keyword, and flow, as well as all active associated metadata.

Poll Summary

A Poll Summary report displays a listing of poll results by component for a flow within a specific timeframe.


For any type of report, choose a period of time under the Timeframe drop-down menu, either a previously determined period (today, last 7 days, last month) or a Custom timeframe. If a report is too large or reflects a timeframe outside of the reporting for the request, a timeout error will occur.

Learn about how to create reports to store and download on the Reports page.

For additional questions or requests regarding these reports, please contact a Strategy Representative or Support at VIP@revolutionmessaging.com.