Under the Reporting tab, click on Generator to create reports. Click on the Report type drop down menu to select which type of report you would like to generate. In Display type you can view on screen (Inline) or and download (Export).¬†Click the blue “Generate New Report” button to create.

  • Message Details Reports
  • Message Totals Reports
  • Subscriber Growth Reports
  • Broadcast Summary Reports

Message Details Reports:

Messages Details will give you a report of all your incoming messages, outgoing messages, or both. Under the Scope by drop down menu, you can select whether you would like your report to only contain messages from particular campaigns, mobile flows, or keywords. You can also look at all incoming and outgoing messages. The report can only be pulled for 95 days or less.


Messages Totals Reports:

Choose Message Totals Reports to generate a graph and total of the amount of incoming (MOs) and/or outgoing (MTs) messages. It will also show you what type of messages they were. Sub Opt-in is the number of welcome messages subscribers received and Sub Opt-out is the number of opt-out confirmations subscribers received when they unsubscribed. Basic Texts are standard broadcast messages. Catch All messages are the messages sent out in reply when a subscriber texts into the inbox. Collect Metadata, Dynamic Content, and Poll all show you how many messages were sent out from mobile flows with those components.


Subscriber Growth:

Subscriber Growth reports provide insight into how well your list growth efforts are going. It provides a graphical representation and the number of subscribers, number of new subscribers, and the number of unsubscribes.


Broadcast Summary:

The Broadcast Summary report will show you when you sent your broadcast messages, their content, and how many subscribers the message went to.



For any type of report you make, you will choose a period of time under the Timeframe drop-down menu, either a previously determined period (today, last 7 days, last month) or a Custom timeframe.


To view the messages within a custom time frame, click inside the text boxes to the right of the Timeframe drop down menu and a calendar will pop up.


You will then have the choice of Time summary for your report. Select Day, Week, or Month from the dropdown menu.

Then, you will click the blue “Generate New Report” button to view your report within your web browser.


You may then change any of your settings (Report type, Summarize by, Timeframe, Time summary). After changing these settings remember to click the “Generate New Report” button again.


Learn about how to create reports to store and download on the Reports page.