Reports made under Reporting Generator are also available via the Reports tab.

Click on the Reports link under the Reporting tab.


From there, click “Create New Report” in order to create and store reports with the same specifications as the Reporting Generator page.


Clicking the Create New Report button will take you to the Report Generator. Select the desired report, then select “Export” from the “Display Type” menu. Click “Generate New Report.”


The report will then display below and state PENDING until the report is complete. Depending on the file size, completion may take a few minutes. If the request is too large or requires too many resources, it may timeout. If this happens, narrow the scope of the request.


Once the report’s status is COMPLETE, click the download icon to create a .csv file. This report will remain on the reports page unless manually deleted by clicking the trashcan icon.

For additional questions or requests regarding reports, please contact a Strategy Representative or Support at