This article is to assist users in optimizing MMS messages for the best user experience.

Static Images:

  • Maximum file size for delivery is 2mb, but this will potentially create delays in message delivery. It is recommended that image files be under 850k. Messages over 2mb will not be sent. 
  • Optimal image size is 1080w x 1920h. Do not place any important content above 218 pixels at the top or 150 pixels at the bottom, as it will be lost in the preview delivery. Alternately, images can be sent at 640w x 1138h, with nothing above 129 pixels or below 89 pixels.
  • Images are best if sent as JPG files. PNG files are also supported.
  • If the message contains dynamic content, then the overall image should not exceed 200k.

Animated Files:

  • GIF is the only format supported.
  • Recommended file size for delivery is under 850k. 
  • Recommended dimensions: 480w x 320h, 320w x 480h, 480w x 480w,  or 320w x 320h
  • In general, it is difficult to ensure a optimized user experience across multiple platforms delivering gifs, and should be used sparingly.

Links and Link Preview:

Links can be used in the body of MMS messages. If you don’t have a link shortener, please contact your client service representative about using our link shortener Revere Direction. The following applies only to links displayed on iOS 10 and higher devices.

To display an image:

  • The link must be at the very beginning or end of the message.
  • Link must include http:// or https://
  • If a specific image from the site should be displayed, the site must follow the Open Graph protocol and the image can be set using the og:image tag.
  • If the image tag is not set, by default the site favicon will display as the preview.

An image will not be previewed if the link is located within the middle of the message with text before and after the link. Although the link preview appears as a second message, you will not be charged for additional messages.

If a phone does not support MMS:

If a user’s phone does not support MMS or does not support the format of delivery, the user will be sent a link that will open the message in a separate window.


If you have additional questions about optimizing your MMS message, please contact your client services representative.