Lists are a collection of subscribers who have opted in to receive messages from a program on Revere Mobile.

List of Lists

You can view your lists by going to the Lists view under the Lists tab. To change the name of a list click on the name or on the pencil icon. To view list details you can click on the notepad icon or go to the Reporting tab and then the List Details Tab.

There, you’ll see all of your lists (some organizations might only have one list), with filtering options and the ability to display inline (on screen) or export (download). The menu will show the following:

  • List name
  • Subscribers: how many subscribers are on the list

Creating a New List

You can also create a new list on the Lists>Lists tab, click the “Create New List” button.

List Details

Click on the notepad icon to see some more detail. On this screen, you can see the phone numbers of everyone who is subscribed to the list, filter it based on subscribers’ metadata, or export data on everyone on the list or a filter of the list.

In the list of subscribers, you can see the phone number that’s subscribed and the date and time they joined. Clicking on any of the phone numbers brings you to that subscriber’s profile. On the right side of the table, you can see icons to either remove the user from the list or to message them directly.