Link display will vary based on operating system and device type. This article serves as a guide to best practices for link preview or concealment, but does not guarantee the same experience for all message recipients. It is recommended to send test messages to a variety of devices prior to broadcast to ensure the best user experience.

Displaying links on iOS (iOS 12):

Currently, unless a shortcode has been saved as a contact on an iOS device, no link preview will display regardless of message manipulation. This may change in future iterations and this article will be updated to reflect those changes.

To display an image on an Android or some iOS devices:

  • The link should be at the very beginning or very end of the message.
  • Include the full URL including https://
  • The message recipient may have the option to ‘tap to preview’. This action is not tracked.
  • The display image depends on metadata set in the site. If no image can be found, the default will be the site title and the URL. More information on setting up site metadata can be found here.
  • Although the message will appear to come through as two (the message and the preview), this is only a single message and counted as such for billing purposes.

To hide the link preview on an Android:

  • Place the link in between text.

To hide the link preview on some iOS devices:

  • Place the link between text.
  • Include the URL but omit https://. This will remove the preview but enable hyperlinking.

Video linking:

For Android devices, linking to an external video using a video player like YouTube will provide a preview image.

Examples (Android):

Link preview, link at end:

No link preview, link in middle:

Video with preview: