The uploader can be accessed within Revere Mobile under Lists. To upload a new list, click the Create New Upload button on the right hand of the screen.

The process for uploading a new list is as follows:

  1. Make sure you are on the proper short code and select the Group and List that should be associated with the upload.
  2. Select the list to be uploaded. (Guidelines for upload format should be followed and are provided here under “file formatting”.)
  3. When the file has been successfully loaded, the following confirmation should appear:
  4. Provided that the CSV had the proper column metadata headers, fields should be preloaded. If they are not, users can select from the dropdown menu. Always use caution when selecting metadata fields and confirm that the proper fields are selected.  Click Continue when all headers have been selected.                        
  5. In the next step, users are able to view the upload and fix problematic data. Cells that need correction will be highlighted in red. Users can also select to view All/Deleted/Invalid rows as needed by selecting from the dropdown.                                 
  6. Individual cells may be edited then fixed by clicking the pencil icon on the right hand side associated with the row. If needed, users may also be deleted by clicking the ‘X’ icon. Click Continue when all necessary changes have been made to upload data. 
  7. In the final step before submission of the upload, a display of the upload summary is available. As a best practice, it is recommended that the user download a copy of the data that will be submitted by clicking on ‘Download Data to be Uploaded’. If there are errors with the Upload, this will prevent the user from having to reformat the CSV. If there are large amounts of problematic fields that need to be adjusted, at this step click ‘Download Current Data with Errors’ and either fix outside of the system (allowing deletion/corrections to be made in batches) or send back to client for adjustment.                                                                                      
  8. Upon successful upload, the following confirmation will appear. The list will also be available in the ‘Uploads’ section.                                                    
  9. If issues are encountered, please email Support. Use the guidelines outlined here for problematic or successful upload documentation.