Text a keyword to initiate a phone call from Revere Calling

This is a short tutorial on how to use our external service to start a Revere Calling flow from a KEYWORD or any mobile flow.

Microservice URL Structure.

Where <some campaign line here in E.164> is a revere calling campaign number.

For example if the campaign line is 1-234-567-8910 then the url would be:

  1. To start you will need an existing mobile flow, and a calling campaign line attached to a calling flow. This is very simple to trigger, first on your mobile flow add the Post to URL component. Construct the url as noted above.
  2. Enter the url anywhere in your mobile flow, this will start a phone call once the component it used using the subscriber’s own phone number that they are using to interact with the mobile flow.

Make sure you also add a subscription component to add this person to your mobile list of choice.

Then save the mobile flow and trigger it by texting in with a keyword, or by taking part in the mobile flow itself.