This article outlines how to initiate a calling flow by texting a keyword into a shortcode.


  • Revere Calling enabled
  • Revere Mobile enabled
  • Calling flow with active hotline
  • Mobile flow with double opt in

Triggering a calling flow utilizes a microservice, a piece of software that ties two services together. In this case, Revere Mobile and Revere Calling. The microservice URL below is what ties these services together:$msisdn&campaign_line=<some campaign line here>

Where <some campaign line here> refers to the Revere calling hotline. The hotline needs to follow a standard format. For example, if the campaign line is 1-234-567-8910, that would be represented as +12345678910, as provided below:$msisdn&campaign_line=+12345678910

Calling Flow

Set up the Calling Flow as normal. There are no special considerations in Revere Calling to enable this action.

Mobile Flow

Add Post-to-URL as the first component to the mobile flow. Copy/paste the microservice URL including the updated campaign line in the proper format, as provided above.

The mobile flow must be a double opt-in. 

Set up the rest of the flow as usual.