Filtered queries can be created and saved using SmartLists. This feature can be incredibly helpful in managing large lists with specific metadata parameters that may want to be used multiple times. This article covers how to create a SmartList and apply it to a Broadcast.

Begin by selecting ‘Lists’ > ‘SmartLists’ from the side menu:

Begin by naming the SmartList. Give the list a name with a descriptive title so that it is clear what the SmartList contains.

Select the list to Filter from the dropdown menu. Only one list may be filtered on at a time. Apply the filters. This article covers filters and how they can be used.

Once all filters have been applied, save the SmartList.

Using a SmartList in a Broadcast

To use the saved SmartList in a Broadcast, simply set up a Broadcast as usual. Select the SmartList to be applied from the dropdown, which will display the SmartList separate from a full list with no filters applied:

Apply the SmartList, test the message and broadcast when ready. If issues are encountered, please contact a Strategy Representative or support at