Lists are a collection of subscribers who have opted in to receive messages from a program on Revere Mobile.

Create a New List

Prior to adding subscribers, a new list must be generated. Lists can be created and viewed by navigating to the ‘Lists’ tab on the left side menu and selecting ‘Lists’.  Click the blue ‘Create a New List’ button in the upper right hand corner of the screen to create and name a list.

List Features

Lists can be viewed by navigating to the ‘Lists’ tab on the left side menu and selecting ‘Lists’.

  • The notepad icon will navigate to a screen to view or download all the subscribers of a list.
  • The pencil icon will allow a list name to be edited.
  • The trash can icon will delete the list.

View Subscribers

Clicking on the notepad will navigate to the List Details page. From here, a report can be generated for specific subscribers on a list, viewable inline or as a download. Filters may be applied to metadata to target a specific group of people.

Once the desired subscribers have been accessed, the following actions can take place for an individual subscriber on this page:

  • The square icon with arrow will send a message.
  • The circle with arrows will trigger a mobile flow.
  • The circle with a dash will remove the individual from the list.
  • Selecting the box to the left will allow a mass action to be taken on those selected.

For additional questions regarding Lists and Subscribers, please contact a Strategy Representative or Support at