There are a few small steps necessary to style EN/Amplify Peer-to-Peer sites. You can edit and create Peer-to-Peer sites here:

Whether you are adding a new site or editing a current site, you will be presented with this  dashboard.

Peer-to-Peer Dashboard

  1. Click on Setup, and then Site Design.
  2. Under Theme, select Default Theme.Peer-to-Peer Theme
  3. Under Site Header, you’ll see a row labeled Site Logo/Banner. Click on the + sign. This will launch a modal window where you can select a logo. Scroll all the way down and select the logo that looks like it’s white on white. The dimensions below it will be display 600 x 154.Peer-to-Peer Image Library
  4. Click on the image, then click Insert Image.
  5. We have created a CSS file that should be included with each site. Copy and paste the following code. You can do this easily by hovering over the box below, then when the gray toolbar becomes visible, click on the icon.

  6. Scroll down to Advanced Customization and paste the code above in to the Text Box.
  7. Click “Save”.