Prior to Creating a Campaign: Please email to set up an account for the organization. Information needed is name, billing address, telephone and email contacts.

Create a Campaign

Click ‘Create a Campaign’ to begin the process.

Name the campaign being created. The best practice is to name the campaign in a way that is easily identifiable. Campaign names must be a minimum of 5 characters. Suggested naming structure: Organization – Campaign Content – Date.

Example: ‘Revolution Messaging – Video Campaign – 7/12/16’.

Uploading an Audience

An audience is the list of people reached by advertising. Audiences may either be uploaded to the Revere Exchange platform or users may select from a preloaded audience and can be adjusted using our audience filters.

The format for csv uploads best practices can be found here. Please note: once an audience has been uploaded to Exchange, it cannot be deleted. Please make sure the proper file is selected before proceeding. Once a campaign has been created, the audience may not be edited.

In uploading audiences, the best practice is to name the audience something that can be located and identified quickly. Uploaded audiences should use the structure Organization Name – List Name. Please refrain from using commas in audience names since this can cause a delay in matching.

Example: Revolution Messaging – Employee Sign Up 6/12/16

To upload an audience, select the green ‘Upload’ button to select the csv file to be used. The file will be parsed and validated. This process may take several minutes depending on the audience size and will partially determine budget calculation.

Note: All audiences must have more than 1,000 rows/entries in order to be used for an advertising campaign.

Preloaded Audiences

Exchange offers preloaded, pre-matched voter file audiences for client use. These are visible to all clients and are noted with an asterisk:


If more specific voter file audiences are needed, those can be made available the user account. Just tell a Revolution Messaging representative or file a support ticket with the specific audience characteristics that are needed. We suggest making these requests as far in advance as possible in order to achieve optimal match rates and distribution. There are no penalties for requesting an audience that is never used.

Audience Filters

Filters are ways to further refine your original audience by targeting people in specific locations (state, city, zip code.) Once you upload an audience into your campaign or choose a preloaded audience, the audience filter will appear. Select your filter if you’d like to use this or you can opt out by doing nothing.

A helpful tool in this process is the estimated audience size calculator. When you choose an audience, Exchange will calculate the estimated size of that audience. As you begin filtering your audience, Exchange will automatically update the estimated size, giving you an idea of how many people you can reach with a given filter.

Set Goal

Goals are determined by what the campaign seeks to accomplish. Acquisition advertising focuses on driving users to a specific action, such as signing up for emails. Exchange is optimized to provide the lowest cost per user acquisition. Awareness advertising focuses on maximizing the visibility of the campaign, raising awareness and persuading the target audience. Exchange provides the highest visibility and frequency of advertising delivery. Select the goal appropriate for the campaign.

Media Uploads and Saturation

Exchange offers a variety of media upload options. Please see descriptions below and restrictions on file and size uploads. Should needs exceed what can be uploaded to the platform, contact a member of the Rev team via email to discuss additional options. Saturation refers to the frequency of ad delivery to the audience. High saturation means ad delivery averaging anywhere from 2 to 6 times daily. Low saturation means ad delivery about one time daily on average.

Display Advertising: Image advertising that is accessible from both desktop and mobile devices. Exchange supports multiple size and display ad types to be uploaded.

  • JPG, PNG, SWF, XHTML and HTML file types supported
  • 40kb maximum file size
  • Sizing: 300×250, 320×50, 300×50, 300×600, 728×90, 160×600

Video Advertising: Video advertising that is accessible from both desktop and mobile devices. Videos may be a singular instance or run prior to or following longer video content. Exchange will support a single video upload per campaign.

  • MP4 file format only
  • For maximum saturation, video length should be 15 – 30 seconds in length

Native Advertising: Mixed media advertising that includes some combination of images, text and video. Exchange supports a single Native advertisement to be uploaded to the platform per campaign.

  • JPG, PNG, MOV, MP4 files supported
  • Once the campaign has been created, a member of the RAD team will reach out for the text portion of the campaign

media upload

Scheduling Flight Date

Once files have been uploaded, there is a prompt to schedule the beginning and ending dates and times for the campaign, referred to as the flight.


Please note that campaigns may not be created within 48 hours of the scheduled flight. Select the day and fill in the time for beginning and end dates of the flight. You  may also select the time zone for the Campaign.

Budget Calculation

Once the required information has been placed, click the green ‘Save Campaign’ button. Once the campaign has been successfully created and the budget has been calculated, Exchange will redirect the user to the View/Edit Campaign page for the recently created campaign. This will provide the budget cost for the Campaign. If edits are needed more than 48 hours prior to the flight, those adjustments may also be made here.

Please note: Campaigns may not be edited within 48 hours of flight nor during flight.

Paying for the Campaign

Exchange has integrated the use of Stripe for Campaign payments. Once the Campaign has been processed, the user is directed back to their Campaign page. Click “Pay with Card” to start the process:


The user will then be prompted to enter their credit card information. User billing information will be retained if the user clicks ‘remember me’. Please be sure to enter a valid email address to receive a copy of the receipt.

Note: An account must be set up with Revolution Messaging prior to paying for a campaign. If an error is received, please email the RAD team.



The following statuses are applied to Campaigns through creation, launch and completion:

Saved: Work has been saved but is missing one or more key pieces of information needed to launch the campaign.

Scheduled: All necessary information has been added and the campaign is ready to launch at the selected date and time.

Launched: Campaign currently in progress.

Completed: Campaign was ran successfully and is now complete.


For any issues encountered during the creation of a campaign, or if changes are needed within the 48 hour window prior to flight, the advertising team can be contacted at or by filing a ticket through