To add Facebook reporting to a Revere Exchange campaign you need to ensure you have the following:

  1. Access to Revolution Messaging Facebook Ad Manager
  2. An admin account for Revere Exchange

If you need access the Revolution Messaging Facebook Ad Manager contact Loren Merchan for help. If you need an admin account for Revere Exchange contact Josh Minnich.

Add Facebook Account ID to Revere Exchange Client

First you need to link a Revere Exchange client to a Facebook account. To do this make sure you are editing a client in Revere Exchange and in another tab login to the RevMsg Facebook Ad Manager. In the Facebook Ad Manager click on the account you wish to link up. You should be looking at a page that looks like the following:

From here you need to locate the account id to be copied and inserted into Revere Exchange. The easiest way to do this is to copy it from the URL bar. The URL in your browser should read something like:

Notice in the URL how there is an act=10158809696800206? That number after the = and before the next & is the account id. Copy that from the URL and enter it on the client details form in Revere Exchange. This will ensure that the client account is linked up properly.

Add Facebook Campaign Details to Revere Exchange Campaign

The second and last step of the process is to make sure the Facebook campaign is linked to the Revere Exchange campaign. This will allow Revere Exchange to consistently get information about the Facebook campaign and save those details to Revere Exchange.

To locate the Facebook Campaign ID, hover over the campaign in the Facebook Ad Manager to reveal the edit campaign dropdown action. It should look like the following:

Click on edit campaign to reveal more information about the campaign. A drawer like animation will show campaign details within the Facebook Ad Manager. You should now see something like the following:

You can see it’s much easier to copy the campaign id. It’s the bold numbers with the label Campaign ID. Copy the campaign id, in this case 23842567166170307, and  save that to the Revere Exchange campaign on the campaign details form.

Lastly you’ll need to put the start date and end date of the Facebook campaign. This is important to pull the correct reporting information into Revere Exchange. You can reveal the campaign start and end dates in Facebook by displaying custom columns in the Facebook Ad Manger Account overview. You’ll notice the dates need to be entered slightly different than you’re used to writing them out. Instead of day/month/year you’ll need to enter them year/month/day. Take note of the form helper text underneath both the Facebook Campaign Start Date and Facebook Campaign End Date form inputs on the Revere Exchange campaign details.

Once you have entered all this information Revere Exchange will automatically start pulling this information from Facebook every hour.