Sync V2 includes a Tasks option. There is currently only one integration at the mobile this is functional. The purpose of setting up a Task is to inform sync what data to store where and how often to check for new data. The currently supported Task is a Mailchimp and Mobile sync. Updates from constituents in mobile are reflected in Mailchimp.

Sync does this by using a Mobile List and an Mailchimp List. The data that is synced is confined to that of the mailchimp integration. Please see the supported fields in the Mailchimp documentation.

To enable a task click Tasks from the sidebar and use the dropdown/select-bar to select a current client. Then click Create Task, a mailchimp task requires an active and valid Mailchimp Service in Sync. This means that the selected client has a Mailchimp API Key already stored in Sync as a Service.

To Sync a mobile list, you will next need to generate a Mobile API Key for use in Sync.

You can do this in Mobile V2 under Users -> Select User -> Generate New Key. Keep this API key for later as you will need it to use with Sync.


Ensure that a Mobile List is created under the user that you have generated the API key for, otherwise Sync cannot access the list. Keep this Mobile List for later as we will need to enter it into Sync.

Next we will use the mailchimp service attached to the client. Create or use an existing list that is compatible with a Mailchimp integration. The setup for the list is the exact same as one for a mailchimp trigger. Obtain the Mailchimp List ID from Mailchimp and save it for later, this is done the same way as with a Mailchimp Trigger in Sync.

Now that we have all the compatible fields we can start to enter them into Sync.

Enter each field into their corresponding places and choose a frequency. A frequency is how often sync will grab and update information. The best selection for performance is a weekly sync of the data. If a client want faster updates the hourly option is available but will stress sync and is more costly. Try to avoid this if possible as it will task Sync with more updates and the API’s that exist. Suggest a daily/nightly sync when advertising sync.


Fill in the corresponding information and click Create Task! If you receive the following errors be sure to check the ID’s and API Key as well as that the Mailchimp API Key belongs to the Mailchimp Service you selected.

Invalid Revere Mobile API Key:


Invalid or Missing Mailchimp List ID:


Invalid or Missing Mobile List ID:


If you can’t continue feel free to open a ticket and someone will help you along.

After this you are done! If a weekly task is chosen Sync will being the data transfer within one week. If you would like to start a more immediate transfer choose Nightly then in 1.5 hours sync will start it’s worker and Sync the data. After you see data Mailchimp change the frequency to a lower rate for performance. After this you are done with setting up a task!