Sync V2 Forms

Sync V2 forms have some features that may be useful to your situation, those include:

  • Redirects
  • Live Editing and Rendering
  • A Live Testing Environment
  • Custom HTML at the bottom of forms!
  • Validation for Fields
  • Required setting for every field
  • Simple Trigger and Access Token Selection
  • Remember Me Functionality
  • Load and Submit Events
  • Predictable Class Names for CSS Customization

To get started click the V2 Forms Button on the sidebar:


You will then see the form table. If form’s have been made before they will appear under the table. The important thing to note is the Form ID.

Here you can edit a form by clicking the pencil, or View/Test a form before placing it on a site.

The View/Test will open a new tab and render a very basic form to test. You can also inspect the element and view it’s properties for development purposes. This form is fully functional and is representative of what you will see when embedding the form on a site. You can test triggers here, validation etc.formview_test


  • Fields that are required are designated by a ‘*’.
  • All fields can be required, but it would not be wise to require a Street Address 2 as it does not apply to all persons for example.

To create a new form click the Add Form button above the table to start making a new form.

You will then be presented with the Form Builder.

The Form Builder

Basic Setup

To start the Title, Description, and Location are required fields.

  • Title should be a simple name for the form
  • Description states what the form is for
  • Location is the exact URL location of the form
  • Access Token is the access token you created for this client to allow access to sync, the Default Access token is adequate here.
  • Trigger Tags fire events to tell sync where and how to send your data to other third party services, you can see the triggers and the activation tag by clicking the Triggers tab on the left side panel. This field will only show the associated tag so it’s good to reference what trigger you are using with the form being built.

Collecting Contact Information

The next section allows you to select which fields to collect for the form.

Each field has some basic validation:

  • Emails must be a valid email address
  • Phone Numbers are validated as US + Canada phone numbers
  • Zip Codes accept 5 plus 4 digit and 5 digit only version
  • Checking required will not allow the form to be submitted if a field has not been filled out


Integration Specific Fields for Triggers

  • ActionKit
    • Requires an Email Address or Phone Number
  • Blue State Digital
    • Best Practice is to require at least an Email Address
  • Revere Mobile
    • Requires a Mobile Phone Number
  • Revere Calling
    • Requires a Mobile, Home, or Work Phone Number
  • Mailchimp
    • Requires an Email Address
  • Engaging Networks
    • Requires an Email Address
  • NGP/VAN EveryAction 7
    • Requires at least an Email Address or Mobile Phone Number; First and Last Name for best matching
  • NGP/VAN EveryAction 8
    • Requires at least an Email Address or Mobile Phone Number; First and Last Name for best matching
  • Salsa
    • Requires an Email Address

For all services it’s best to collect a First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Mobile Phone Number. That will cover all of the requirements for each integration.

Best Practices

  • Use First Name and Last Name when possible, more signups will succeed in passing to other systems if that is used instead of the Name field
  • Use Mobile Phone Number to collect a generic Phone Number, this works best with most services and is better at uniquely identifying a person
  • Using the Remember Me function means the Name, or both the First and Last Name fields are selected
  • Only using one Name field, IE: Do not ask for Name, First Name and Last Name together.
  • If asked for only a Name field sync will split the Name by a space in between as First Name and Last Name
  • Collect a First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Mobile Phone Number if possible


Custom Labels and Placeholders

It may be desired to change the default placeholder and labels for the sync forms. Usually multilingual forms are the reason. This can be done by checking the Custom Place Holders and Labels option.

This will then present an option to change the placeholder and label for each form field except for the State selection dropdown.

You can also change the Submit button text on a form.

Custom HTML

The next portion of building the form is the option for custom HTML at the base of the form. All HTML is supported minus <script> tags. You can even use <style> tags to style the form on it’s own here. This is a footer at the form so it will only appear below the rendered form. Keep that in mind.

Plain text will be rendered inside a paragraph tag.

Redirect After Submit

Check the Redirect After Submit box and enter a valid url with the http or https protocol to have the form redirect to a url after a successful submission.

Facebook Pixel Tracking

Please refer to the Facebook Pixel Tracking Article for information on this feature.

Remember Me

If you would like to use the Remember Me function, check the Remember Me box ensuring that the Name or First Name and Last Name boxes are checked. This box will not function unless the fields are setup properly.

Clicking the link will return the form allowing for a new submission.

After you have finished click Save Form and give it a test with the View/Test feature

If you would like to embed the form on your site simply follow the pattern: