What do I need to use this ?

  1. First ensure you have talked with our client services team to give you a Revolution Messaging API KEY. This is a key that is specific for EveryAction 8.
  2. Ensure that you have the Revere Mobile integration enabled for your instance of EveryAction 8.
    1. You can do this by requesting it from your NGP/VAN representative.
  3. A Revere Mobile flow or a provided mobile flow id.

You can find the Revere Mobile Flow ID when editing a mobile flow, once saved the ID we be at the end of the url, similar to that pictured below.


Example Mobile Flow ID:

Where do I put the Revere Mobile Flow ID in VAN / EveryAction 8 ?

First ensure that you have started to create an Online Action or have an existing one to edit. Do this first by visiting Online Actions -> Create New Form -> Select A Form Type

This integration is can be used on all types of Online Action forms. Then enter the Revere Mobile Flow ID obtained from earlier into the integration input.

Also ensure that you are collecting First Name, Last Name, Mobile Phone, and Email. 

Otherwise the subscription will not be sent to Revere Mobile.

You will also need to check “Sign me up for SMS messages” and set the opt-in to be visible. This is best for enabling potential signups to opt-into messages. You can of course leave the default to “checked” for an opt-in of  “yes.”

Terms and Conditions

By law, we are required to add terms and conditions to our mobile web signups and paper opt-ins. When you enable this integration client services will send you the Terms & Conditions link with HTML, use this inside of the Online Action.

Now we just place these into our Online Action Form.

Mobile alerts from Your Organization. Periodic messages. Msg & data rates may apply. Text STOP to shortcode to stop receiving messages. Text HELP to shortcode for more information. Terms & Conditions

Then publish and test the form to ensure you are good to go!


  • Does this work with EveryAction 7?
    • This will work with anything that interfaces with Online Actions. EveryAction 7 has it’s own form system, but NGP/VAN seems to be moving toward a system of Online Actions, NGP and EveryAction 8.
  • Does this integration automatically subscribe users to the mobile list if they are imported into VAN / EveryAction 8?
    • This does not automatically subscribe persons entered into the system. Only through online actions.
  • I didn’t get a text message why not?
    • If you created the mobile flow and then put it into Online Actions, there is a delay of about 15 minutes for Sync to obtain that new mobile flow.
    • Ensure you aren’t on a blacklist. You can do this by checking for your number in Revere Mobile.
  • What data is sent over with the subscription ? 
    • Currently we are sending from NGP/VAN to Revere Mobile
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Email
      • Mobile Phone
    • We then recommend collecting a postal code on the mobile flow for this time if you want to filter by region.
  • Do I have to use a mobile flow ID ? What if I just want the data sent over to Revere Mobile?
    • You must use a mobile flow ID, if this is not present the information will not forward to Revere Mobile.
  • What if a person or I change the “Opt-in status” in VAN?
    • The system checks for changes if configured by Revolution Messaging every 24 hours to remove persons from your shortcode. They will no longer receive broadcasts from you if they have been marked as “Unknown” or “Opt-out”.