General Principles

This integration type allows an Action Network account to send opt-ins to a Revere Mobile list. The Action Network Actions builder incorporates a Revere Mobile Flow into Action Network and sends basic contact information back to Revere Mobile when provided via webhooks. 

The following Action Types are supported:

  • Attendance
  • Action
  • Donation
  • Outreach
  • Submission
  • Signature

The following types of Actions on Action Network that can be used:

  • Petitions
  • Events and Ticketed Events
  • Forms
  • Letter Campaigns
  • Fundraisers

Action Network will send basic contact information collected from a user upon signup. These fields are added as metadata in Revere Mobile.

The basic contact information may include:

Action Network Field Revere Mobile Metadata Field Description
First Name firstname Given Name
Last Name lastname Family Name
N/A fullname First Name + Last Name
Email Address email A valid Email Address
Street Address 1 address1 A street address line
Street Address 2 address2 A second street address line
State state A two character state code
City city A city
Postal Code zipcode A valid US Zip Code*


* US Numeric Zip Codes only, Canadian and alphanumeric postal codes are not supported.


  • Active Revere Dashboard, Revere Mobile and Revere Sync accounts
  • A Revere Sync User API Key
  • Revere Mobilize Service set up in Revere Sync
  • A Revere Mobile Flow corresponding to the form
  • An active partnered Action Network Account. (not the free tier)
  • An Action Network Form that contains Email, Mobile Phone Number and Opt-In fields. See here for general details on Action Network Actions and Forms.


1. Adding the Webhook to Action Network

Contact a Strategy representative to receive a Sync API key.

Webhooks from Action Network are the main entry point to let Revere Sync an action has been taken on Action Network’s platform. Click on ‘Start Organizing’ in the upper right corner > ‘API & Sync’ (under ‘Details’) > ‘New Webhook’ (scroll down page)

A popup will open:

Use the URL created below, replacing REVERE SYNC USER API KEY with the value provided by RM. SYNC USER API KEY

Next place this constructed URL into Action Network and assign the webhook type to All Actions.

Click Save, and when navigated back to the previous page, click ‘turn on’. 

If this account already has the setup as a webhook there is no need to setup a new webhook unless wanting to change the associated Revere Mobile account with the Action Network account.

2. Setting up the Action Network Form

To start, create an Action Network online form. 

Once the details of the page have been entered move to the form itself, click Edit Form.

At a minimum, the form must include an Email and a Phone NumberAction Network requires Email and the phone number is required for use with Revere Mobile. It is recommended to also capture First and Last name.

Adding an opt-in:

CTIA regulations require that all online signups have an opt in with appropriate language.

Drag the Checkbox Button over to the form and click to enter the opt-in field.

Define the sms-updates-opt-infield. This field will control if a person would like to agree to receive SMS updates and agrees with the provided terms and conditions.

Update the selection as desired, or use the following text: Yes! Sign me up for text messages! Message and & data rates may apply.|sms-updates-opt-in

The language above when pasted into the box provides compliant language as well as tags the opt-in for the system. 

Add a mobile phone field:

To add a phone number field, fill in the appropriate input boxes under ‘Blank Questions’.  It is recommended to specify Mobile Number as landlines or other types of numbers (like Google Voice) cannot be added to the Mobile system. Drag the ‘Text Input’ box to the form and click to fill out fields. 

The mobile phone field will collect the phone number to be sent to Revere Mobile for the mobile flow activation.



A mobile phone number field name must be defined exactly (case sensitive) as one of the following:

  • phone number
  • msisdn (another name for a mobile number)
  • mobile phone number
  • phone

Then define the mobile phone number field as shown below:

If updating a form to capture mobile phone and the field matches one listed above, it is not necessary to add an additional field. The sms-updates-opt-in checkbox is still required to be present on the form.

Once completed, save form.

The final step will be to ‘Add Custom Form HTML’ to link the form to the desired mobile flow. Use the HTML provided below, replacing  Revere Mobile Flow ID with the mobile flow ID provided in Mobile – this is the combination of numbers and letters at the end of the URL when updating the flow. 

<input type="hidden" name="mobile_flow_id" value="Revere Mobile Flow ID">"

Once this has been added, Save the Action Network Action. Once this setup is complete navigate and test the signup form to confirm all components perform as expected.

3. Setup Validation

 Validation will vary depending on what the phone number is as defined earlier, but the process the same for each.

Navigate to Questions & Custom Fields

Then scroll down to Custom Fields section and define US type regular expressions to validate US phone numbers. This will not check the validity of a number, but enforces the proper format entered.  

Select + Add Validation*

Then select the US Phone type regular expression provided. 

* If the custom mobile phone field is not present, ensure that the form was tested prior to this step. Action Network will not provide the field to validate unless it has been used at least once before.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use radio buttons instead of a checkbox for the form sms-updates-opt-in field?

Yes. To do this use a value of 1 for the sms-updates-opt-in field. The radio field would then look like:

Yes! Sign me up for text messages! Message and & data rates may apply.|1

Save the field and this will then ensure the opt-in functions with radio buttons instead of a checkbox.

How long does it take to receive a text message ?

The average time here should be less than 10 minutes on normal service operation. If not the setup may not be configured correctly. If creating a new mobile flow, please allow one hour for all components to become active and connected.

Why am I’m not getting a text message after filling out the form?

A few common reasons:

  1. Newly created mobile flows take some time to appear in the system. These are pulled every hour so if just created, it will take some time to allow this integration to function.
  2. The number being tested with is black listed from the shortcode. If at any point the number texted STOP to the expected shortcode, all communication from that shortcode is put on a blacklist. To re-enroll text a keyword into the shortcode to allow messages to resume. A number can also be removed from a blacklist in the Revere Mobile user interface.
  3. The OSDI API Key is incorrect. The OSDI API Key is a long string and it’s possible this was not copied properly. Check this again with the provided key and ensure it matches that configured in the webhook.