Revolution Messaging will assist you with verifying and activating your new G Suite account. Because G Suite requires a payment method during the set up process, you will need to walk through the set up and provide some information to RevMsg to activate the account. Following the steps below will ensure that we can work together to get your account up and running.

  1. Go to and click on the ‘Get Started’ button in the top right.
  2. Enter your Business Name, number of employees, and country.
  3. Enter your contact info. Make sure that the email address entered is valid and can receive mail. This will be the recovery email for your admin account should something go wrong during set up.
  4. Determine whether you have a domain name already or not. (ex. If you do not already have a domain we recommend working with your contact at RevMsg so we can purchase a domain for you. Once you have a domain purchased select ‘Yes I have one’, enter it on the next page and confirm.
  5. On the next page you will be asked to create your first email account on G Suite. This user will be the super admin on the account and have access to all functions of G Suite. You will need to enter a user name and password. The user name can be whatever you like. We recommend setting it as Since this account will be the super admin, be sure to use a complex password that is at least 12 characters long, includes one capital letter, one symbol, and one number. You will also need to complete the captcha form on this page.
  6. Next you will be asked to pick a plan. We recommend choosing G Suite Basic unless you know you’ll need features of the more expensive plans. Info on G Suite plans can be found here.
  7. Enter your contact info with a credit card or bank account and click next.
  8. Click on ‘Continue to Set Up’ and select ‘Set Up On Your Own’
  9. Follow the on screen prompts to set up additional users on your account. If you do not wish to add more users you can check the box for ‘I added all user email addresses currently using’ You can always add more users once the domain is verified.
  10. Next you will need to verify the domain with Google. Check off the boxes until you reach the step for ‘Add a new TXT record to your domain.’
  11. RevMsg will need the text that is generated in the ‘Value’ field on this step to verify your domain. See the example below. Please copy and paste the entire text of the Value field to be sent to your contact at RevMsg.
  12. Confirm with RevMsg that the TXT Value has been added to the domain before continuing.
  13. Continue to check off the boxes until you reach the end. (RevMsg does not need the MX records that are provided. They are not unique like the TXT record value is.)
  14. Click ‘Verify Domain and Set Up Email’

The verification process should be quick but can take up to an hour in some instances. Verification is dependent on DNS propagation time and while extremely rare, it could take up to 48 hours before the domain is verified. See for more info on DNS propagation.

Once the verification process is complete you will be taken to the G Suite admin panel at where you can configure all other aspects of G Suite.