Cloudflare is a service that can cache and serve a website from multiple data centers across the world. This improves the performance and reliability of the site by decreasing the distance the data has to travel before reaching the end user. This globally distributed network also adds several layers of geographic redundancy – if one datacenter goes offline, traffic is automatically served from a healthy alternative. The downside of this performance increase is that there may be a delay in displaying new or changed content on the site under certain scenarios.

To circumvent this problem, Revolution Messaging installs the official Cloudflare WordPress Plugin on each WordPress site that we build. This plugin gives anyone with a WordPress account (and proper permissions) the ability to manually purge the site’s cache to ensure that fresh content is displayed to viewers.

Before clearing the Cloudflare cache, consider clearing your browser cache or load the site in a private window. By default nearly all RevMsg developed WordPress sites will have Automatic Cache Clearing enabled and your changes should appear live within 30 seconds. If 5 minutes passes and the expected updates are still not reflected on the live site, please follow these instructions for purging the cache:

  1. Log in to WordPress and navigate to the Cloudflare plugin menu. It can be found under Settings>Cloudflarescreen-shot-2016-12-02-at-11-58-17-am
  2. Click on “Purge Cache” and then “Purge Everything”screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-12-03-27-pm
  3. You will see a warning that clearing the cache may temporarily decrease performance on your site. You can ignore this message and continue unless you have been advised otherwise by RevMsg staff prior to your site’s launch.
  4. Re-load your site and verify your changes. Again clear your browser cache if you don’t see your changes.

If the above steps do not resolve the issue please email Be sure to include your website URL and any other troubleshooting steps you may have taken.