EPS Redirects is a plugin that allows for the creation of “short URL” redirects from within the WordPress admin panel.

The plugin can be configured on the EPS redirects page located under Settings>EPS Redirects in the admin bar on the left of the dashboard.

Once presented with the list of redirects, adding a new one is as simple as filling out the form. The left side is the URL that visitors will enter and the right side is the destination URL they will be redirected to. A status code can be selected from the dropdown menu next to the “From” URL. Stick with the default of “301” unless explicitly creating a temporary redirect. Click the “Save” button to publish the redirect.

To test the new redirect clear out your browser cache or open an incognito/private window in a new browser and enter the “From” URL, which should now redirect to the destination URL in the “To” field.

Note that for domains utilizing Cloudflare, the Cloudflare cache may need to be cleared for the changes to appear. Instructions for clearing Cloudflare’s cache can be found here.

To create another redirect click on the “plus” icon that appears at the top after the last entry has been saved.

For additional support regarding redirects, please submit a ticket by emailing vip@revolutionmessaging.com including both the “From” and “To” URLs.