If you are using a site on one of Revolution Messaging’s clusters, make sure that the “Inbed” plugin is activated for your site.

Soundcloud provides an easy, friendly way to host and share audio files. This embed code currently relies on knowing the Soundcloud ID, but we’re working on track ID resolution via URLs.

Use the following shortcode to embed Soundcloud audio tracks:

[soundcloud id="135692753"]

All options on:

[soundcloud id="135692753" artwork="on" color="990000" related="on" autoplay="on" download="on" buying="on" liking="on" playcount="on" comments="on"]


  • id (string)
  • url (string)
  • color (string) Hex color string
  • artwork (string), "on" or "off" Defaults to “off”
  • related (string), "on" or "off" Defaults to “off”
  • autoplay (string), "on" or "off" Defaults to “off”
  • download (string), "on" or "off" Defaults to “off”
  • buying (string), "on" or "off" Defaults to “off”
  • liking (string), "on" or "off" Defaults to “off”
  • playcount (string), "on" or "off" Defaults to “off”
  • comments (string), "on" or "off" Defaults to “off”