If you are using a site on one of Revolution Messaging’s clusters, make sure that the “Inbed” plugin is activated for your site.

You must also provide a Twitter application’s OAuth credential information in the fields found on Settings -> General of your WordPress admin.

Ensure that you are editing your article or post in the “Text” tab (this won’t work in the visual tab.)

  • Go to the tweet you wish to embed
  • Click “••• More”
  • Click “Copy Link to Tweet”
  • Copy the URL from the text area presented.
  • Put that code into your article using the twitter tag.

[twitter url="https://twitter.com/theroyale/status/662062528323674112"]


  • cards [now show/hide media] (string)"on" or "off"

    Defaults to “on”

  • conversation (string) "on" or "off"

    Defaults to “off”